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Represent the library PLCS7_NET.

PLCS7_NET library for NET platform is designed for easy exchange with Siemens industrial controllers series S7200-400, 1200.

Data exchange can be parameterized in the file type txt or xlsx. The data is read and written by the names given in this file.

The project includes a detailed manual and the source code.
Available in Russian and English versions of the project.

Example of work:

1. Fill the table signals

2. Communicates with the PLC
   // create object client
   PLCS7_NET.CL.Client cl = new PLCS7_NET.CL.Client();

  // declare variables to read \ write      

  // connect to PLC
    int er =  cl.Connect(_ipAddr, _rack, _slot, _timeUpd);

3. Simple read a variable
            bool err;
    int val1 =  cl.ReadInt16("DriveFlt", out err);

    int val2 =  cl.ReadByte("Press", out err);

    double val3 = cl.ReadReal("Flow", out err);

3. Simple write a variable
            bool err;
     cl.WriteInt32("Force", 34, out err);

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